Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hokkaido Food and Drink Fair...

At Saga Tamaya department store from April 13th until the 24th.
Every day there is a different special offer available. This event is worth a visit just to taste the numerous free samples and be charmed by various old ladies trying to flog you their wares!
There are many types of cheesecakes, cream puddings, chocolate snacks, cheeses, meats, and fish to sample. There are also special Hokkaido seafood bento boxes on sale, and even a sushi stall too. My personal favourites are the wine-tasting corner and the spicy chicken wings. You can also purchase locally produced Hokkaido beer, healthy yogurt drinks and also delicious crab cakes and dumplings. Only while stocks last though! Enjoy!

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  1. oi oi! i like this! good idea ;-) (it's lee btw)