Wednesday, September 26, 2012

St. Vincent Wine Festival @ Huis Ten Bosch サンヴァンサンワイン祭り@ハウステンボス 2012

Just an announcement.

This year's St. Vincent Wine Festival サンヴァンサンワインの祭 will be held from

September 29th (Sat) to October 21st (Sun).

For the regular ticket, costing 2000yen, you can sample 200 different kinds of wine from all over the world. If you upgrade to the Gold ticket, for an extra 1000yen, you can taste an additional 20 "premium" wines, which are of a far higher quality and value. There is also a kids' pass (or for drivers) available for 700yen, allowing you to sample 5 different kinds of juice!

The wine festival is part of the "Great European Festival" 大ヨーロッパ 祭 which is currently running and concludes on October the 31st (Wed). Apart from the wine festival, the European Festival also includes a  90minute, 1000yen "all-you-can-drink" draught beer campaign (生ビール1000円飲み放題)and some dishes from around Europe - for example, Swiss fondue, Spanish paella, Russian beef stroganoff etc. They do seem a bit expensive though, so bring your own cheese and snacks if you like - or try and get a few free samples!

There is also a parade held at different times of the day and a "European Horror Night"!
Please note there is an entry fee to the actual park as well - so it might bump the price up!

Anyway, have fun if you go and I might see you there.